Types of Piling Tests

    “Sai Sri Constructions” provides a complete range of site pile testing and pile condition reporting services to the construction industry. These services include Pile Integrity Testing (PIT); Dynamic Pile Testing (DPT); Cross Hole Sonic Logging(CHSL); pile length measuring and consultancy on the capacity and serviceability of piles. 

    We use the latest site testing equipments and analysis software to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective services.

    Pile Integrity Testing (PIT)

    The Pile Integrity Tester gives peace of mind that a pile or shaft is free of major cracks and voids, prior to construction of the superstructure. A pile integrity test is also known as low strain dynamic test, sonic echo test, and low strain integrity test This integrity test is one of the methods for assessing the condition of piles or shafts.

    Dynamic Pile Testing (DPT)

    Dynamic load testing is a cost effective alternative to conventional static load testing for a wide variety of pile types and sites. Instead of costly proof-loading with kentledge or anchor piles, the technique uses a heavy falling weight such as a piling hammer to impart a short duration impact to the pile head, whilst monitoring the pile response using temporarily attached transducers. The pile response to dynamic loading may be used to provide the foundation designer with an interpreted pile capacity, and can usually provide additional information that is difficult to obtain via static load testing