Piling work including load tests at Site-M, Sonitpur Dist., Assam Project

M/s S V C Projects Private Limited, ASSAM.

    • Piling work including load tests at Site-Missamari, Sonitpur Dist., Assam Project.
    • Boring of Cast-in-situ Concrete piles of 350mm / 500mm DIA Piles through all types of stratas using Bentonite solutions and temporary casing. Using Hydraulic rotary Rig including lowering of reinforcement cage, pouring of concrete through Tremie Pipe all complete.
    • Fabrication of Reinforcement cage cutting, bending and forming cage including welding and laping lowering the cage.
    • Vertical Load Testing in accordance with 2911 (Part - IV) including design of Kentledge Plat form, installation of loading platform and preparation of pile head complete all as per specified and the direction of EIC.

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