Carrying out of Piling works for 110 SQM HBF PLANT of M/s CIL, at VSP

M/s Tenova India Pvt. Ltd., Tenova Delkor India, Bengaluru.

    • Piling works for 110 SQM HBF PLANT of M/s Coromandel International Limited, at Visakhapatnam.
    • Piling work with supply of all materials including M35 Concrete (Cement, Sand, Aggregates), REINFORCEMENT, straightening, cutting, binding etc., Pile casing for 600 / 500 / 450 mm diameter pile, including drilling of 1200 mm to hard bed rock, transportation, loading, unloading, storing, staging, centring, labours / manpower, plant and machineries, consumables, tools & tackles required to complete the works up to the satisfaction of EIC.
    • Pile Integrity Tests.
    • Pile Loading Tests.
    • REINFORCEMENT STEEL - Supply, transportation, loading, unloading, storing, straightening, cutting, bending, laying in position, binding etc., HYSD bars / Tor Steel (Reinforcement steel Fe 500 Grade with Corrosion resisting steel conforming to IS:1786) all complete to correct shape and size (inclusive of laps and chairs0 as per detailed drawings, specifications, for all reinforced concrete work in substructure such as footings, walls, columns / stub columns, plinth beams, slabs, rafts etc., grade as of concrete and galvanized binding wire of 18 gauge, if required, dewatering, required labour and machines / equipments / tools / tackles / vehicles for handling, shifting etc., reinforcements all complete to the satisfaction of the EIC. 

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